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Susan Kippen

South Shore Natural Healing
465 Furnace Street Suite #4
Marshfield, Mass
Phone: (781) 837-7353
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Techniques Used

Polarity Therapy

At the basis of Polarity Therapy are two poles of action, attraction and repulsion, also known as the negative and positive or the Yin and Yang energy forces. Fine patterns and flows of energy determine the balance within mankind and the entire universe. When any aspect of this Yin / Yang functioning is interfered with, the symptoms of an unbalanced state manifest as pain, depression, etc. Polarity therapy works with the knowledge of the body as an energy system to restore the natural balance and eliminate pain and suffering. To receive the therapy, the patient lies fully clothed on a table while pressure and rocking are applied to specific points on the body.

Empathic Therapy

Susan's innate intuitive abilities are the foundation of her healing work. During therapy sessions with clients, she empathically merges with their active emotional states to help them to understand the complexities of their mental/emotional patterns while giving spiritual guidance for personal growth and transformation.


The benefits of prayer have been well documented over the last 40 years by the research done in the scientific community. For in office sessions and in the distant/remote healing work, it is used as a means of directing very focused energy to benefit specific conditions while also bringing support and guidance from a divine spiritual presence.


This is a Japanese method of transferring energy through the hands from one person to another or energetically over distance. Ancient symbols are used to intensify the effects.

Chakra clearing

It is through these vortexes that energy comes into the body and leaves the body to maintain balance and sustain life. They can become blocked with thought forms, emotions, trauma, spirits, etc. When this takes place, they must be cleared and realigned.

Spirit Clearing

A spirit or spirits may be cleared from your body or energy field. These are lost souls who do not move into the light for a variety of reasons. They sometimes attach to people in an effort to have their needs fulfilled through the actions of the person. This can be done over distance or in office with a shamanic technique.

Soul Retrieval

This is a process that is used to bring back and integrate a part of the unconsciousness that has become detached from the conscious self. The detachment of a soul part can take place during a trauma or a situation that is overwhelming for the person. When a detachment takes place, the trauma will exist in its original state in the soul part and may suppress certain abilities in the individual. During a soul retrieval, the trauma is cleared and then any suppressed abilities become accessible again after integration of the soul part.

Energy Chelation

This is a breathing technique that is used to magnify the flow of healing energy that is transferred through one person to another. It intensifies the overall benefits of the session and cleans energy blocks more effectively when combined with other healing techniques.

Space Clearing

In addition to your personal healing, it may be recommended that you have your living space and / or workspace cleared. This can be done over distance with a distant/remote clearing technique.

Spiritual, Intuitive Guidance and Insight

Guidance and insight can be channeled from the collective consciousness and your guides to assist you in your process.


Whatever sleep is hypnosis is not. It is a shift of awareness that allows a person to focus more intensively upon a designated goal. It takes place naturally or can be intentionally induced by oneself or another person. During this state, the subconscious mind is more predominant than the conscious mind. This state is necessary for all learning to take place and is also necessary for the reprogramming of beliefs and behavior patterns. Hypnosis is a natural altered state of consciousness that is experienced by everyone on a regular basis. It can be recognized from experiences when someone is daydreaming, meditating, has a runner's high, is engrossed in a book, or when a person is between sleep and wakefulness - just beginning to drift off at night. Intentionally induced hypnosis is beneficial for specifically identifying and changing beliefs, thought processes, patterns of emotional reaction, etc., by creating direct communication with the subconscious mind. Once a clear channel of communication is opened up with the subconscious mind, alternate ideas or ways of functioning can be offered as suggestions. Through this process, positive changes can take place in one's life.

Inner Child Work

Every person has a child-self and an adult-self within their consciousness. Guided interactions between the adult-self and child-self are often beneficial for resolving traumas and changing patterns of belief.

Tapas Acupressure Technique(TAT)

This was developed by Tapas Fleming LAC., It makes use of three acupressure points while utilizing a seven-step visualization process to clear trauma that has been held in the cells of the body. It can be highly effective for clearing the stored trauma and accompanied pain, beliefs and some physical conditions.

Distant Healings

Distant/remote healing is used for directing the flow of energy through one person to another over distance. Intention is the key factor for energetically and intuitively creating a connection, as well as, changing the patterns and flow of energy within the person. The intention within the flow of energy becomes the program while the directed life-force blends within an individual to make it possible to resolve an unbalanced state. Intuition is also necessary for monitoring the condition, the progress and any changing needs. Distant/remote healings are convenient because traveling to a healer becomes unnecessary. The healer can connect with you in any location in the world. The space within a dwelling can also be connected to and cleared through the same process.

Within the substance of matter are fluctuating particles of energy and information. The energy patterns within any form are what serve to maintain its existence. When these energy patterns become disrupted or altered in any way, imbalance takes place. An unbalanced state will bring about symptoms in people on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

What kind of imbalances can be treated with an energetic, spiritual therapy? Individuals with many different types of imbalances have been known to seek out, long distance or in office, energetic / spiritual therapies. Some of the imbalances may include but are not limited to: depression; anxiety and panic disorders; addictive behaviors; immune disorders; chronic back pain; menopause symptoms and hormonal imbalances; digestive disorders; sleep problems; soul fragmentation, stress and many others.

The same basic approach and abilities can be effectively applied when I am is working directly with a client or over distance. Therefore, distant/remote healings and in office appointments can both be equally effective.


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