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Susan Kippen

South Shore Natural Healing
465 Furnace Street Suite #4
Marshfield, Mass
Phone: (781) 837-7353
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Susan's Professional History?

South Shore Natural Healing

Multifaceted Healing Experience

Susan Kippen has been widely received as a uniquely gifted holistic healer and self-awareness teacher for over 33 years. She is a certified Polarity Therapist, certified Hypnotherapist, TAT practitioner, certified in Shamanic healing techniques - spirit clearing and soul retrieval, certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and has a BA from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Some of her other abilities include - regression work, crystal healing, and inner child work. She can also clear the energetic space within physical dwellings - directly or over distance. Most of the modalities mentioned are used as needed in combination during direct one-on-one sessions and in the remote healing work. Susan’s goal is to assist individuals to see and understand the truth within themselves, so that they can grow and flourish in the celebration of life.

Susan is a multi-talented Intuitive holistic healer. Her innate intuitive abilities emerged in childhood. At an early age, she was able to sense energy and perceive the inner experiences of others. Her holistic journey began at the age of 21 when she had an experience of leaving her body and entering into the light which inspired her to become a spiritual seeker while implementing meditation, mindfulness, and a regular practice of contemplation. At age 27, she learned hypnosis and then continued to incorporate other skills such as Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Shamanic practices including: soul retrieval; clearing of spirits; TAT; long-distance healing, and space clearing.

An Author

Susan's new book, Transitioning Beyond Your Conditioned Blueprint -- A Pathway to Freedom through Self-awareness, was just released in November of 2022.The goal of this book is to teach you to see and understand yourself with greater clarity, to be more present, and to gain greater self-awareness so you can make conscious choices, thereby creating a life with greater purpose and fulfillment. Throughout this participatory workbook, you will be given support as you learn how to effectively make use of inner observation, curiosity, and contemplation to understand your faulty beliefs, reactions, drama-based behaviors, judgments, fragmented processing, and to see new options. As you gain clarity, you will likely recognize new possibilities for making meaningful choices and transition into greater happiness. Once this is learned, you will naturally reconfigure the way that you interact with yourself, other people, and relate to your everyday circumstances. When this practice becomes a regular part of your functioning, peacefulness can be more frequently experienced. The possibility for self-awareness and inner freedom exists for all human beings. To purchase this book, go to, have a peek inside the book. In the Amazon search bar, type in Susan V. Kippen or Transitioning Beyond Your Conditioned Blueprint.

An additional book, The Missing Link: A spiritual guide for understanding addictive behaviors, is available in in paperback or eBook through Barnes & Noble and on This guide supports the development of emotional intelligence and wholeness through conscious participation with addictive behaviors and all possibilities within. Learn how to mindfully recognize and heal the fragmentation that takes place at the foundation of addictive behaviors. As you transition out of black and white thinking and theory, you allow for inner discovery, personal growth, and true knowing to take place. Go to, have a peek inside the book. Just search under Susan V. Kippen. Give yourself the option to open up a new path of discovery and change in your life!

A Teacher

Susan periodically teaches a variety of workshops including all levels of Reiki, self-awareness, intro to Polarity Therapy, The Natural Laws and Process for Manifestation, meditation, and others. She taught at the National PSI Symposium convention in Maine for 3 consecutive years and she has also been a guest speaker on several radio talk shows and cable TV shows. Additionally, she is writing an autobiography. Susan has traveled extensively throughout India while facilitating a group trip to many spiritual sites on that continent and in Nepal.


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