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Susan Kippen

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What Can I Expect?

What can I expect from a Holistic Healing session?

The way that you feel during a distant healing session may be different than the way that you feel when you receive a one-on-one session. The common experience of euphoria that takes place with a direct session happens less frequently with a distant healing. The distant healing approach can be just as effective and often more effective than a direct healing session. However, sometimes it is less effective than a direct session. It depends upon the individual - everyone is different. The number of sessions that are needed will vary from one person to the next depending upon the individual's personal history, the condition, and how long it has been taking place. One treatment can be beneficial; however, if your condition has been long term or is serious it is recommended that you have treatments once or twice a week until improvement occurs. Everything is a process - including one's healing. No two distant healing sessions are exactly alike, and this is because no two conditions or people are exactly alike. No guaranteed results can be promised with this approach or any other conventional or unconventional treatment plan.

It must be understood that this service does not diagnose medical or psychological conditions. This approach does not serve as a medical or psychological treatment for medical conditions and should not replace any medical treatment that you are considering or are now receiving. When considering treatments for your medical condition or symptoms, please consult your physician or health care provider. This is a spiritual / energetic approach to support greater health and well-being. It embraces the act of intention, use of energy, and the principles of prayer.

Many people have good results with spiritual / energetic healing techniques and the progress is most often progressive with each treatment. Before an in-office session or a distant healing can begin, it is important to clearly convey your intentions or needs to the healer. When your intentions are clear, a better energetic link is created between the healer and the receiver. If your session is for long distance healing, it is ideal to be still or relaxed during the session time; however, this is not absolutely essential. It will be just slightly more effective if you are quiet and still. You can go about your day as usual during and after the spiritual / energetic healing session.

At the end of a treatment an individual most often feels lighter, more peaceful, clearer minded, and more present.

Holistic healing treatments can be combined with any medical treatments that you are now receiving. You do not need to stop any medical treatments. It is important for you to know that drug treatments decrease the effectiveness of distant healing. Drugs interfere with the energy flow and prevent the condition from being clearly perceived intuitively. However, you should not stop your drug treatments. This information is being shared with you so that you will understand some of the factors involved in the effectiveness of direct and distant healing.

During the time of your holistic healing treatments, you should eat only whole foods if possible. This means no processed foods such as white flour, white sugar, prepackaged foods, soft drinks, etc. You also need to refrain from drinking alcohol. Limit your caffeine intake to one cup per day. Drink six to eight glasses of water a day. Do the best that you can with this. The better you do, the greater your results will be.


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