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Susan Kippen

South Shore Natural Healing
465 Furnace Street Suite #4
Marshfield, Mass
Phone: (781) 837-7353
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November 01,1016

The day I met with Susan for the first time, I was in very poor shape physically, emotionally, and psychologically. I was living through a highly contentious divorce and suffering the effects in many ways - especially with my physical health. I had great difficulty even climbing the stairs to her office. My adrenals had crashed; I was experiencing some post-traumatic symptoms because of death-threats, and I was living in a heightened sense of anxiety and fear. Many of my family relationships had been radically altered for the worse as people took sides and felt compelled to interfere negatively in my crisis. I was a mess.

Susan is an emotional intuitive. I had read about this, but had never actually met someone with this gift before. She treats her clients physically, energetically, emotionally, and psychologically, which, of course, is in sharp contrast to most aspects of the medical field. This holistic approach is what makes Susan's practice so valuable to those of us who are experiencing a constellation of dis-ease. In my case, the paralyzing fear I was crippled which led to insomnia, a lack of focus, anxiety, and bouts of depression. I felt as though my world, everything I had previously believed about my life and my relationships, had been flipped upside down. This left me feeling disoriented and disillusioned. The ground beneath my feet had disappeared, and I was in a constant state of de-stabilization.

It was a combination of hands-on energy work and Susan's extraordinary counseling ability that healed me. She has an uncanny perception on every level. She was able to teach me, in our conversations, to understand the ways in which my upbringing in a co-dependent environment had shaped my perceptions, my reactions, and my patterns of behavior. This in turn, allowed me to comprehend why I had made the choices that I had made in my life and to come to terms with my relationships, while taking responsibility for the roles I had played. With Susan's restorative energy work and counsel, I became strengthen me over time. I re-gained by health and stability. I struggled to learn a new language, a new way of communicating with my partners in co-dependency. I took responsibility for my decisions and set about creating a healthier way of living my life. I learned how to love myself and how to put myself first, to establish new behaviors, rather than exhausting myself with family drama. I became healthy and whole. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this accomplishment turned my life around and that I would never have achieved this second chance at true happiness and health had I not met Susan. She pulled me from the abyss and helped me to revise my life. Susan is uniquely talented in her healing gifts, and I will be forever grateful for her compassion and love.

Wendy Matheson

September 05, 2016

A few years ago, there was a chronic pain that started as a knot in my shoulder blade that worked itself up to my neck through my trapezius muscle. I spent hours in massage and therapy to manage and control the pain which I attributed to my posture at work. When I lay on Susan’s table, the pain disappeared within minutes. We were never even working on that pain, but the only place where I was completely pain free was during a session with Susan. About 45 minutes up the highway following any session, the knot would slowly return and the pain would be back within a few hours. We eventually focused on the root of that pain and the pain is now long gone, but I always found that experience amazing.

To say that Susan has touched and healed every meaningful aspect of my life may sound like hyperbole, until you examine every meaningful aspect of my life, my family, my friends, and see her healing touch all over them.

I consider myself a scientist. I am a scientist by education and by training. When I walked reluctantly into her office almost 14 years ago, the last thing I expected was the beginning of a spiritual journey that has healed and continues to heal not just my body and spirit, but the bodies and spirits of my children and many of my best friends.

She explained healing to me in a way that satisfied my scientific skepticism with a means and a language that even without knowing me at the time, she somehow knew I would be looking for and would recognize. And with that, she helped me start a journey toward self-realization and self-awareness that has transformed my life and my relationships.

Susan understands the nature of pain and all its sources, its attributes and manifestations better than anyone I have ever known or heard or read about. That I suspect may be why she is so amazing at healing it. Before I started working with her, I was a walking ball of rage and anger at everything and everyone; tormented by forces I barely understood, but was certain I did. She helped me to identify that the source of my rage was a well of pain of which I was scarcely conscious. She has helped me to heal that pain so that the anger is now gone and I am able to walk in peace and calm.

I consider her presence in my life as a gift; an expression of divine mercy that has strengthened my faith in the divine.


Payman Khodabandehloo

April 11, 2016

Susan was sent to me at a time in my life that I truly needed clarity, guidance and compassion. I had travelled the conventional route (therapy and an extremely short lived time on anxiety medicine) and crashed. Not knowing what else I could do, I tried acupuncture and yoga which is where I was given Susan’s number. The moment I entered her space I had an innate feeling that everything would be ok, which brought me to tears. In a time when I wasn’t very receptive and trusting of most people, Susan was kind, compassionate, loving and reassuring. Her gift of healing and intuitiveness has lead me to grow spiritually and understand the process of healing energetic imbalances and creating boundaries. Susan is a true blessing to my life and I look forward to learning all she has to teach. Namaste

Brianna Mellor

April 07, 2016

Susan Kippen is a TRUE healer in every sense of the word. She has the innate ability to see and feel people's patterns of energy which inform her of any physical, emotional and mental imbalances. Her goal is to restore your health by re-establishing a natural and healthy flow of your system's energies. Susan utilizes successful techniques from a variety of healing traditions. Each session with her delivers a different "prescription" tapping into you body's immediate needs. Susan Kippen is "calm to the soul" on so many levels. I have been seeing Susan for 15 + years. Trust these testimonials; Susan Kippen is truly a gifted healer.

BR Clinton. Plymouth , MA

March 16, 2016

Susan Kippen is an incredibly gifted healer who helped me many years ago during the darkest and most difficult time of my life. I am grateful for her help beyond what words can express.

C. Solomides

March 16, 2016

Your kindness, compassion, and abilities brought about a transformation in my life. I cannot thank you enough.

C. M. Yilmaz

March 16, 2016

Susan Kippen is a amazingly gifted and talented practitioner! I know this firsthand and I'm so grateful that our paths crossed many years ago. I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Carmen Dominguez

March 13, 2016

Susan is an amazing and gifted intuitive healer! In addition to her energetic and spiritual healing, she gives great practical advice. 5 stars!!!

Kathryn Tarlin

March 10, 2016

Susan is one of the very gifted people who makes the world a brighter place. Over the past 10 years, I have taken her Reiki classes, been treated in person and by distance healing and have also benefited from her clearing my family's homes and offices. Most recently, she helped our family as my mother passed and I KNOW that because of Susan, Mom's journey was more peaceful and full of light. Susan has a great depth of kindness and compassion and wonderful insights. She is a gift.


March 4, 2016

"After years of struggling with OCD and hypersensitivity, I developed a depression that I wasn't able to work through with the methods known to me at the time (acupuncture, antidepressants, etc.) My mother's friend recommended Susan to me, and after the first session, I felt significantly better mentally and emotionally. Over the course of the next 6 sessions, Susan was able to eradicate the depression entirely. She is very personable too. It's clear that she enjoys her work, and she genuinely cares about her clients. She is very intuitive and I have no problem telling her anything that's on my mind because it is her nature to be non-judgmental. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a healer or for someone who is in need of advice.”


May 2012

I have been able to make meaningful change in my life and finally address some true core issues with the comfort, competence and clarity of Susan as my healer and guide. Her techniques and unconditional love allow me to access truth and find ways to move forward living in truth. This has been and continues to be an astonishing process, I am grateful to have her in my life, and look forward to each session. While deep transformation is taking place out of sight, and only visible in retrospect, I feel calm and nourished after each session. I would add that while I prefer my sessions in person, when we've had to meet by phone, the healing effect is the same.

Tess D. Cambridge

January 12, 2012

For several years, I have been receiving energy therapy (Polarity; Reiki; and Shamanic Healing) from Susan Kippen. She is a talented, gifted practitioner whose skills have enabled me to survive as a health care professional in a very stressful job situation. I'm looking forward to working with Susan for several more years.

Donna Marshall

January 08, 2012

Our family has benefited greatly from working with Susan over the past 10 years. Her gentle approach to helping the body heal on all levels has helped us maintain our health and well being. Susan is wonderful while working with children of all ages. I have found her work to be effective for alleviating emotional and physical stress which can easily throw a child out of balance. We thoroughly enjoy working with Susan.

Christine O.

December 26, 2011

I have been seeing Susan Kippen for sessions every 4-6 weeks for the last 10 years. Thanks to her support and regular correction of my energy, I have evolved from being an unhappy individual who was fortunate to experience 4 to 5 days of contentment a year to being a person who experiences inner peace most of the time. She has retrieved key parts of myself that were lost to me. She has helped me understand and shift the dynamics of my emotional patterns and has inspired me to become more authentic in my relationships with others. I have been able to handle the stress of my work life with grace, thanks to Susan. I recommend Susan's work without hesitation or reservation.

Mary Ann Cushing Cohasset, MA

Dated December 12, 2011

Susan has helped to bring my energy back into balance. She is very insightful and her practice is well worth the time and cost


Dorothy K.

Dated December 12, 2011

I began to see Susan because I felt emotionally out of sorts and had an innate feeling that there was something greater in life that I was missing. I am still at the beginning of my journey but already feel much better, more balanced, less tired, and less emotionally chaotic for the first time in over a decade after working with Susan for only a few months. She has an instinctive ability to effectively work with people as a whole energy being. She does not push any ideas, is extremely non-judgmental and peruses things only when you ask and are ready. She is a gentle soul and an easy person to work with whether one is just starting on a conscious journey of self-exploration and healing or is already a bit further along. I am extremely grateful for Susan in helping me alleviate inner turmoil and depression and begin my way to find the inner wisdom, strength and awareness that is already inside of me. I am very excited to continue my work with her and can’t wait to continue my spiritual growth under her guidance. I see only greater things to come!

Karen E.

Dated December 11, 2011

I was given Susan's contact from a good friend who highly recommended her ability to heal. I can truthfully say that Susan has an innate ability to help you see life in a clearer way and gives you hope to see life from a new perspective. After a few consultations and distance healing's I feel a much better person for having talked with Susan and for having her influence in my life. She is the real deal, no gimmicks here!

Jacquie H.

February 2003

To whom it may concern;

I have known Susan Kippen for several years and have consistently found her work to be inspiring, calming (I need this!), spiritual, and intuitive. Somehow she seems to know what is going on with me and then works to balance my blocked energy and help move me to a place of peace....and solutions! She is a marvelous spirit and a compassionate person to work with and befriend.


It will change your life...

Mark Thomas S.

Love and Light...

Pamela S.

February 2003

In March 2002, I had developed upper back pain that was interfering with my ability to work as a home care nurse. After seeing my physician for evaluation and x-rays, the prescribed treatment was Ibuprofen and Physical Therapy three times per week. I also sought out a local Chiropractor. These things helped somewhat, but I was not healing. I was referred to Susan Kippen at South Shore Natural Healing by the Chiropractor. On the first visit, Susan took a health and lifestyle history, then proceeded with a Reiki / Polarity therapy session. The experience was very relaxing and I found Susan's professional, kind, and nonjudgmental manner to be reassuring. This comfort level enabled me to explore the emotions and behavior patterns that were contributing to my back pain. Well, I left her office that day with a tremendous feeling of hope. My back pain was relieved and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders (or should I say "back"). After weekly appointments for one month, we tapered the sessions to a point where I have a treatment once a month to "keep balanced". Because of the ongoing demands and stressors that life brings, there is always something to work on to better my personal and professional experiences.

Tricia Ward, R.N.

March 2003

Susan Kippen is a true, authentic healer. She truly cares. She has changed my life. Her work gets at the core of physical and emotional issues; the simple truth. I am a more balanced and a more spiritual person because of our ongoing work together.

Carol A. Ribaudo

March 12, 2003

My monthly Polarity sessions with Susan Kippen help me to stay connected to myself and to tune into that wise voice inside of me. My work with Susan has brought me confidence in times of trepidation, solace in times of crisis, peace in times of chaos, healing in times of pain. I recommend her to anyone seeking to learn and understand more about him/herself.

Kezia Bacon Bernstein Yoga Teacher/Writer

March 2003

Susan's deep understanding of energy work has brought a light into my own life that could only be experienced with her acting as the guide and interpreter. Her unconditional love grounds her healing art which clarifies whatever issue I may need illumination with at the moment. Susan is unique in her approach to healing as she seems to sense just what energy method will be most beneficial for each session. She combines Reiki, Polarity and Intuitive Spiritual healing in a way that brings such comfort and healing on a level that I sincerely wish all could experience. Susan's natural teaching style allowed me to embrace energy healing as a reality in my own practice as a nurse and on a personal level. Lovingly,

Cathy Sorenson

To Whom it May Concern

Susan was recommended to me by a good friend, someone I really trust. As soon as I met her, the difference was obvious. Susan is just so regular. She's like someone you'd want to sit next to on the bus, not someone who thinks she was the High Priestess of Atlantis in another life. She has a sense of humor, actually likes people, and treats everyone with respect. I have witnessed a consistent respect in her interactions with other people during Reiki workshops, as well as with me in private sessions. Being around her feels safe, which I think is extremely important when someone is working with your body and your energy. Part of the healing process for me has been finding out what I really think and feel, which often happens when I am on the table, and in trance. Sometimes I don't understand all that has taken place right away -- it's something that gets worked on over weeks and months -- still I come out of her office feeling better -- more relaxed, more peaceful, and with some hope. Sometimes I drive home crying, mourning something that's been waiting to be mourned for years, or laughing, or -- this week -- singing. One last thing is that Susan makes me feel less frightened around the spiritual work itself. I have had a lot of entities (spirits) removed from different parts of my body. As a result of working with Susan, acting on her suggestions and being 'cleared out' (both me and my house), a lot of the fear over entities, and other fears, have abated. For the first time in years I feel like I've got more to go on than a wing and a prayer. Two wings and a good wind, now.

Martyn Wolff

March 2003

Susan Kippen is a gifted energy healer. I began energy sessions with Susan several years ago as a means of reducing stress in my life and thus far, regular sessions have helped me to do this. Additionally, the sessions have assisted me in finding my inner voice and living a more authentic life. I am deeply grateful for Susan's insights and energy."

Davalene C.

March 19, 2003

After trying to deal with the many bumps in life someone finally convinced me to go to South Shore Natural Healing for a little guidance. Walking out of my first session I could not believe how well I could see myself as a person. The sun seemed to shine brighter and the sky seemed a lot bluer, Now I look forward to my monthly session just knowing that Susan is going to help me make heads or tails of whats going on in my life as well as inside me. Thank you Susan!

Jason Drass

To Whom it may concern

I sought out Spiritual Healing because I knew I had reached a point in my traditional psychotherapy sessions where I could no longer grow. I spent years working to understand my childhood issues and how they currently played out in my life. I grew tired of having the same knee jerk responses to the same situations, regardless of my "new awareness". Energy healing techniques were truly a healing miracle for me and today I can honestly say I can let things roll off my back or choose to confront them in a healthy way if I desire. Susan truly has unique gifts of her own which add to her healing sessions; the empathic piece combined with her compassion and non-judgementalism have allowed me to feel safe and confident in her abilities!!!

Laura W.

April 01, 2003

After having undergone years of unsuccessful outpatient and inpatient psychiatric care for bipolar disorder, I decided to try the natural healing methods offered by Susan Kippen. Frustrated by the ineffective treatment of prescribed medications and psychotherapy, I hardly believed that Susan would be able to help me at all. Though I didn’t feel very different after my first few sessions, little by little I began to put my life back together. Within three years of my first visit to South Shore Natural Healing, I was no longer seeing a psychiatrist, on prescription medications, or suffering from debilitating depression or manic episodes. It has been over five years since I stopped taking medication, and I have not suffered debilitating mental or emotional conditions of any kind during this time. I highly recommend this natural form of therapy to anyone suffering from diagnosed or undiagnosed depression, or to anyone seeking emotional balance in their lives.

Caryn Y.


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